Planning  on  "going  Mad"  without  me? 

Maybe  I  can  help !


Bill Love - Blue Chameleon Ventures

I've been leading tours to Madagascar personally since 1995.  I offer only one or two trips there every year that I personally guide.  Unfortunately, the specific goals of those trips don't work for everyone.  Every year numerous people ask me if any other tour dates are coming up that fit their plans, or if I could come along as a private tour guide for them.  I always recommend them to one of two very reliable tour companies in Madagascar with which I work in partnership on all my trips. 

My tour companies and their staffs are experts in their areas and can arrange everything inside the country from lodgings and vehicles to specific itineraries and knowledgeable guides who speak your language.  Many years have gone into my getting to know and trust these outfits, and highly recommend them as the best in the business.  You definitely don't want to end up far from home losing valuable time fumbling around with people who don't know how to take care of you properly.

If you email me a rough idea of what you'd like to do in Madagascar --- when you want to go, what you hope to see, what regions you wish to explore, etc. --- I will forward the request to the appropriate tour partner who handles that region and have them contact you to discuss it.  If you have no idea and just need basic help figuring those things, they can do that too.  Both of my tour partners speak / write in English, French and German and will contact you via email to help work out a dream itinerary just for you.

If you can't come on a Blue Chameleon Ventures trip, let my 17 years of experience and my Malagasy / European partners help make your independent trip a safe and memorable one. 

Email me today with your thoughts.   Sincerely, Bill Love   Email = < Write 'Mad Tour' in the subject box, please.