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I strive for naturalistic backgrounds and poses whenever possible, as I believe herps look best 'in habitat'.  On some shots I've attempted 'art'.  Some pics have stories with them when you expand them.   All images are copyrighted and may not be reproduced without my permission.  For info about imagery use and / or purchases --- click HERE.  

-- Atheris squamiger, vert face close-up.jpg (62603 bytes)    Green bush viper (+ photo lighting comments).  Atheris squamigera.

Graptemys flavimaculata.jpg (160995 bytes)    The most beautiful of the map turtles.  Graptemys flavimaculata.

-- Crotalus viridis helleri, face + rattle.jpg (159134 bytes)    "It had 13 rattlers and a button..."  Crotalus viridis helleri.

-- Bothriechis schlegelii, juv trio.jpg (96500 bytes)    Viper-infested jungle glade - Bothriechis schlegelii - more than one.

Cerastes cerastes, face, up close.jpg (171026 bytes)    Horny little devil - Cerastes cerastes.

-- Crotalus adamanteus.jpg (292894 bytes)    A majestic normal eastern diamondback rattlesnake in its natural domain in southern Florida.  Crotalus adamanteus.

-- Terrapene o. ornata, male.jpg (346524 bytes)    Adult male western (ornate) box turtle.  Terrapene ornata ornata.

-- Bothriechis schlegelii, gold adult + distraction.jpg (241839 bytes)    A nocturnal gem of the neo-tropical rainforest, plus unintentional distraction.  Bothriechis schlegelii, adult female.

Uroplatus lineatus.jpg (4702423 bytes)     A Malagasy lined leaftail gecko Uroplatus lineatus 'in the jungle'.

Dendroaspis polylepis.jpg (395494 bytes)     The most feared snake in Africa - Dendroaspis polylepis.

Bipes biporus.jpg (3490626 bytes)     What's an 'ajolote' ? ? ?   Bipes biporus.

Dendrobates azureus - CAPTION.jpg (81648 bytes)    Blue like this is a rarity in the reptile & amphibian world.  Dendrobates azureus.

Trimeresurus trigonocephalus.jpg (1031430 bytes)     Sri Lanka tree viper. Trimeresurus trigonocephalus.

Alligator mississippiensis - juv.jpg (713149 bytes)     Juvenile American alligators have the boldest and most colorful patterns.  Alligator mississippiensis.

Paleosuchus trigonotus - CAPTION.jpg (106840 bytes)    Jungle 'croc'.  Paleosuchus trigonotus.

Tropidolaemus wagleri.jpg (866655 bytes)     In the wilds of Southeast Asia, uh, the vacant lot behind Glades Herp, Inc. in Ft. Myers, Florida - this superb Wagler's tree viper at least looks like it's in nature.  Tropidolaemus wagleri.

Graptemys barbouri.jpg (127047 bytes)    Easternmost map turtle.  Graptemys barbouri.

Python reticulatus.jpg (1022818 bytes)     The reticulated python vies with the next snake as world's longest.  Python reticulatus.

Eunectes murinus.jpg (651489 bytes)     The green anaconda of the Amazon Basin.  Eunectes murinus.

Agalychnis callidryas.jpg (802558 bytes)     Symbol of ecology - red-eyed treefrog.  Agalychnis callidryas.

Naja naja naja - Black Pakistan.jpg (1003034 bytes)     Black Pakistan cobras are the favorites of snakecharmers because they stand alert and spread their hoods so willingly.  Naja naja naja.

Lizards, 6 best pets collage.jpg (115402 bytes)   Popular pet reptile species are a specialty of mine; this is a collage of 6 lizards often kept today.

Atheris hispidus.jpg (850675 bytes)     Hairy bush viper.  Atheris hispidus.

Scincus scincus.jpg (383297 bytes)    Up from the sandy depths.  Scincus scincus.

Endangered herps collage.jpg (130879 bytes)   Endangered species :   A 6-pic collage of protected species.

African spurred tortoise hatching - CAPTION.jpg (102284 bytes)    Welcome to the world.  Geochelone sulcata.

Crotalus enyo, Baja.jpg (624189 bytes)    ' Don't Tread On Me ' .  Crotalus enyo.

Bitis parviocula.jpg (491537 bytes)    A very rarely seen viper from northeast Africa.  Bitis parviocula.

Drymarchon corais couperi, Big Cypress.jpg (635309 bytes)    An increasingly scarce Floridian.  Drymarchon corais couperi.

Python regius, amelanistic on black.jpg (366034 bytes)    Not every herp has to be on a naturalistic background.  Python regius.

Dangerous to man, U.S., collage.jpg (124360 bytes)   Dangerous to man in the U.S. ;  a 5-pic reptile collage.

Bitis rhinoceros, close-up.jpg (241821 bytes)    Portrait of an awesome viper.  Bitis rhinoceros.

Dangerous to man, international.jpg (118656 bytes)   Dangerous to man internationally ;  a 6-pic reptile collage.

Python anchietae, juv.jpg (309548 bytes)    A seldom-seen southern African python.  Python anchietae.

Cover 4 REP copy.jpg (285592 bytes)   A collage of many magazine and book covers using my images.

Horrible_bug_from_Egypt.jpg (101936 bytes)    Big, horrible bug.

Good, Bad, & Ugly frog collage.jpg (73344 bytes)   "The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly" ---  a frog & toad collage.

Lialis burtoni, pair.jpg (357135 bytes)    Sexual dimorphism in Aussie snake lizards.  Lialis burtoni

Coachwhip, Eastern, alert.jpg (142723 bytes)   Adult eastern coachwhip, Masticophis f. flagellum - one of my first efforts at nature photography.

Charina bottae.jpg (400754 bytes)    Rubber boa.  Charina bottae.

Prairie rattler collage.jpg (79694 bytes)   A pair of identical, yet different shots of a young prairie rattler Crotalus viridis viridis - which do you prefer?

Red diamond rattler, night in desert.jpg (51484 bytes)   Red diamond at night.  Crotalus ruber ruber.

Guatemalan Palm Viper B. aurifer - CAPTION.jpg (104034 bytes)    Rare beauty from the Guatemala highlands.  Bothriechis aurifer.

Graham's water snakes.jpg (119960 bytes)   Terror was lurking just above the innocent fishermen's heads...  Regina grahami.

Lichanura t. trivirgata, Baja.jpg (327046 bytes)    Elegant beauty of the Baja desert.  Lichanura trivirgata trivirgata.

Gulf coast toads in amplexus.jpg (53890 bytes)   Love in a flooded Houston city gutter.  Bufo valliceps.

Crotalus lepidus klauberi.jpg (464452 bytes)    Banded rock rattler.  Crotalus lepidus klauberi.

Phyllomedusa sauvagei, straight-on.jpg (45889 bytes)   Painted belly monkey frog  Phyllomedusa sauvagii - wouldn't that make a great magazine cover?   I just had to find out !

Thorny devil Moloch horridus - CAPTION.jpg (108076 bytes)    Pin cushion lizard?   Moloch horridus.

Snowflake thumbnail pic, vertical.jpg (10624 bytes)   "Snowflake", a totally white eastern diamondback rattlesnake,Crotalus adamanteus, from Florida.   The enlarged collage also links to a complete history of this extraordinary creature.

Photo studio, Bill.jpg (641915 bytes)     Me in my home photo studio (2 views) creating some of these shots;  by comparison, many more of my pics are taken out in nature.

A - Crotaphytus dickersonae, pair.jpg (109982 bytes)    <<<  Clicking this thumbnail will take you to a photo summary of my July 2005 fieldherping adventures in Arizona and Sonora, Mexico with a dozen + nice herp pics.

Crotalus l. lepidus and Lampropeltis alterna.jpg (167991 bytes)    <<<  Is that a Blair's king snake attacking a mottled rock rattler?  Click to view my June 2006 2-part photo-filled travelogue of a trip to Texas for the International Herpetological Symposium and some great fieldherping.

Question mark symbol.jpg (10076 bytes)    PHOTO TECHNIQUE QUIZ:  Can you tell which of these 10 pics were taken in my studio vs. in the field on truly natural backgrounds?

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