LINED  LEAFTAIL  GECKO   Uroplatus lineatus   This is exactly the way I envision my first lined leaftail gecko will look when I'm someday lucky enough to find one in the wild.  Until then, I'll settle for recreating a naturalistic scene as best I can from memory of habitats I've explored, and my imagination.  Making such a pleasing naturalistic image isn't always as hard as you'd think. 

I was at a herp show near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in June 2003 on a slow Sunday afternoon.  When I asked to borrow this elegant specimen for some outdoors photography, Shawn Fay at Regal Reptiles' table graciously agreed.  I was only a couple yards into a wooded lot at the far edge of the show's parking lot for this shot.  The deeply shaded patch of woods had all the right ingredients to simulate a Malagasy jungle, and the gecko further cooperated by posing in this inspiringly realistic position.