Crotalus enyo,  found about 15 km to the south-southeast of Cuidad Constitucion, Baja Sur, Mexico, mid-September 2002 while hunting one night with Paul Freed and Jonathan Perez of Houston, TX.

This specimen was encountered on a remote dirt road at about 11pm.  I lifted it off the road and set it down among some dry wood on the desert floor and snapped a few slides.  It posed nicely in its natural habitat for the duration of the quick photo session, then crawled away as I disassembled my camera gear.  As I was finishing the packing, I noticed it had secreted itself in the crotch of an evil-looking cactus clump nearby, slightly up off the ground.  It looked incredibly scenic as it reared back facing me from a place of relative safety, all the while flicking its tongue slowly, but never rattling.  After a minute of staring, I couldn't stand it!  I had to take a few more shots of it in that fantastic position!

The best view was from the side, face to face.  But no matter how I angled myself in that tight spot, a few of the cactus daggers were always protruding into the foreground on the sides.  Finally I said 'screw it' and shot a roll anyway.  Now, looking at the results, I've 'accepted' the glaring spikes as part of the appeal of an image that will always say 'Don't Tread On Me', with an obvious double meaning intended.