BAJA  WORM  LIZARD   Bipes biporus   A very cool critter, it's known as an 'ajolote' in its native Baja California, Mexico.  These subterranean amphisbaenians (lizards, in some people's estimation) only grow to about 8" in length (that's a thumb tip in the background of the pic for size comparison), but they're truly bizarre animals.  Some people who live in their range believe that if a person sits on the ground, one of these may burrow up from the ground and enter their digestive system through their anus.  Pretty scary stuff, possibly intended to teach children to keep up off the dirt to stay cleaner. 

The animals are completely innocuous, existing on ants, termites and small 'bugs' like that.  Their two powerful front legs - their only legs - allow them to tunnel efficiently through the top foot or so of soil.  Eying those claws, I can believe it.