GREEN BUSH VIPER  Atheris squamiger   -  Lately (July 2003), I've started playing with the lighting in my home studio, trying for more natural-looking effects on my herp subjects by varying the intensity of the three lights to get away from total evenness of coverage.  For the pic on the left, I kept the overhead light brightest, and moved the two side lights so the one to the right was closer (and stronger).  The 'rays of light' effect was achieved accidentally; they are actually just the way the palm frond in the background was lit to create the pleasing effect captured here.  Credit also has to go to the great model, a huge captive-raised female bush viper.  The shot at left won 'Best of Show' at the 27th International Herpetological Symposium's herp photo contest in Houston, Texas in early Sept. 2003.