Websites   of   Interest   About   Madagascar

The Embassy of Madagascar, Washington D.C., U.S.A.  ---  The official website, with loads of information and links to further sites they recommend.

Madagascar News  --- The latest news, in English. 

Mad Facts  ---  A concise list of data about the country from  

Madagascar Travel Guide Book  --- The best travel guide to Madagascar, in my opinion, is the one authored by Hilary Bradt.  Click this link to see / order the current volume.

Destination Madagascar  ---  The Lonely Planet's introduction to culture, history, facts, travel reports, and lots of other information and tips about traveling in Madagascar.

The Living Edens  ---  A great assortment of natural history information, field experiences, and interesting facts about Madagascar.

A Lemur's Tale  ---  The bittersweet P.B.S. story of baby ring-tailed lemurs, including an unusual white infant named 'Sapphire' at Berenty Reserve in the southeast.

Missouri Botanical Garden  ---  Lots of information on Malagasy plants, including many photographs; choose 'Africa' on the left-hand side of their site and proceed from there.

NOVA / PBS Online Adventure to the Wilds of Madagascar ---  Follow Peter Tyson's dispatches from the field at several fantastically wild places that he visited in May-June 2000.

Current Weather Report  ---  What's the weather like right now in Antananarivo ?   Provided by Yahoo.

Greatest Places Online  ---  This site has a bunch of fun and educational displays and links about Madagascar - learn about giant hissing cockroaches, watch a chameleon catch live food, etc.   The kids will especially like this one.   

Royal Botanic Gardens Kew  ---  An in-depth scientific look at vegetation and geology mapping and changes in Madagascar.

Classic Books For Sale About Madagascar  ---  Rupert Parker's site offers many old and out-of-print books about Madagascar that aren't easy to find elsewhere.  ---  An updated compendium of facts, research, etc. about the coelacanth, a  prehistoric fish surviving in the Mozambique Channel near Madagascar and the Comores Islands. ---  This site is an international center for the sharing of advanced chameleon information regarding all aspects of old world chameleons. 

Images From A Fragile Planet ---  Greg & Mary Beth Dimijian's admiration of  Earth's beauty is evident in their nature imagery from around the world.  Their newest section, taken on tour with me during Oct-Nov 2003, features Madagascar.  

        INDRI  CALL >>>  Click this LINK to reach a sub-page of the above site to hear the whale-like call of the indri.

The Lost Luggage Tales --- All kinds of great travel info, reviews, advice, travel tales, and oodles of handy links to other resource sites helpful to world travelers.



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