Wait a minute, am I trying to scare you off ?   Well, maybe!   Occasionally people come to Madagascar with expectations of it being like an African safari they saw advertised or that a friend took, despite my honest efforts to describe the way it really is accurately on my site.   They may have a fully-catered vacation in mind, envisioning luxurious 5-star hotels every night with sumptuous gourmet feasts prepared by French chefs every evening.   Some expect a motor coach pulling up to lemurs and chameleons waiting in predictable spots in the field.   Then they're disappointed to have to walk a little in the forest to seek them out where they live in nature as these creatures often do their best to not be noticed by us.    

       Some people insist upon precise time schedules, and knowing every minute detail of what to expect for the next meal, or at the next lodging or highlight in advance.   This isn't always possible, despite the best planning and prior experience!   It's not entirely under my control, nor that of my network of tour affiliates;  it's simply the way things work in Madagascar  This is where some of the adventure comes in, and why Madagascar simply is not everyone's idea of a dream vacation!

       None of the below points are 'the norm', but some of them tend to happen each trip.   I sincerely want you to have a great time on my trips, but if your sense of adventure and humor can't overcome things like this, then you might be wise to choose a more well-established and traditional tourist destination than Madagascar.   I think it's better to warn you here, rather than tempt you into a tour situation for two weeks or longer that you won't enjoy when one or more of these things inevitably occurs.

Madagascar  may  not  be  right  for  you  if  . . . .

... you are expecting a luxurious, fully-catered African safari as depicted in old movies.

... you are completely intolerant of schedule changes due to rearranged / suddenly cancelled airline flights, uncooperative tides, bad weather, etc.

... meal choices at some places seem "limited" or monotonous because trying new foods is not your style, and you're waiting for meals 'just like at home'.

... you can't cope when access to electricity ceases several hours after dark at certain remote lodgings which depend solely upon generator-supplied power.

... you panic when planes, boats, and vehicles depart later than scheduled or expected. 

... you absolutely can't tolerate hot, humid, unexpectedly chilly and / or rainy weather at times. 

... driving on long and winding roads, hiking on steep, rocky or muddy trails, taking bumpy rides on small boats, using primitive toilet facilities, etc. is not tolerable sometimes.

... it upsets you if we occasionally arrive back from a walk late due to finding so many "distracting" animals, resulting in a later- than- expected meal.

...  meals take "a while" to arrive; the food in Madagascar tends not to be "fast", literally.

...  you're not really into this kind of trip, but you're thinking about going just to keep your spouse or companion happy.   Neither of you will be happy if you go only for this reason.

... a gecko sharing your shower is terrifying, rather than a sheer delight.

... you lack a sense of humor and understanding when things don't go exactly according to plan 100% of the time.  That's Madagascar, and is part of the adventure of being there!


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